About Us

Yamakoğlu Construction Contracting and Foreign Trade Limited Company commenced its operations in Rize center in 1993 in the field of import-export of food and cleaning products within Turkish Republics and later it has continued its operations in sectors such as construction, electricity, food, logistics, electro mechanics, trading, boring materials.

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Our Services


By means of our overseas stores, retail and project-based equipment supply, installation and start-up services are provided to regions in need of electrical installations.

Electro mechanics

We provide smart transportation systems, tunnel electromechanical and highway lighting services in the world's leading transportation projects.


By means of road and sea transportations, we provide logistics services to the leading companies of the sector such as Eti Copper and SOCAR as well as to all four corners of the world, both in the country and abroad.


Upon our quarter-century experience, we offer service to the contracting and private sectors


We provide food export service with over 1000 products range in more than 10 countries.

International Trade

We offer purchase and sale services in global markets on the basis of all kinds of commodities that shape the economy.


Our projects that stand out among hundreds of projects we have been under construction until this period.

Our Companies