Yamakoglu In The Press

Brillant Turkish Enterprises has also mentioned on writer Melih Arat’s column in 2008 our company Yamakoglu.
Yamakoglu In The Press
Some enterprising businessmen from Turkey are achieving incredible success by extending the limits. These achievement stories, some starting a business from scratch and reaching 100 Million Dollars profit , are a great motivation source for all of us. Instead of success in national market the Ülker Group which under the lead of Murat Ülker is not slowing down and purchasing the world's most prestigious brand ‘Godiva' to achieve a universal success. Ülker could stay as a local and a big brand but instead, it shows to institutionalization with a purchasing a great universal company but not to institution. After purchasing such a brand it is possible to bring your own managers and management style with an interference. But instead of such an interference they are trying to expand Godiva. Ülker Group, founded by Sabri Ülker, could also stay as a local success story like it's world wide samples but putting a universal golden signature with a global development .

Şölen is an another brand, coming from Gaziantep and establishing itself to World. Exporting products more than 95, under the lead of İsmail Çoban, Şölen products are selling out at shelves of world's biggest hypermarket Wal-Mart. A question can be asked to an entrepreneur: ‘You will only have one client. Who will you choose?' This question have only one answer: ‘Wal-Mart' Because when Wal-Mart, with 400 Million Dollars profit, just became your client; its minimum buying is already with thousands and 10 Million Dollars. World's best haggler and fairest price company. Nowadays it is too hard to establish your products to not only Wal-Mart but also even a hypermarket in Turkey. It is a great success to bring your products to countless Wal-Mart's shelves.

With under the lead of Birol Altınkılıç, Altınmarka is one another super enterprising story. The company of Birol Altınkaya is doing exactly what saing as teach one's Grandmother to suck eggs. Cocoa and coffe manifacturer Altınmarka supplies cocoa to the companies which global giants like Nestle, Kraft and Mars. The company is processing first class cocoa beans which provided from the leading produce countries such as Ghana and Ivory. Production process begins with decontaminating from foreign substance and based on machine intensive technology. And then this process goes on with roasting of cocoa beans, grinding, heat and pressure prosedure under hygienic conditions. This is a mightly success that cocoa to collect from Afrika, its process in Turkey and sell it to world giants.

Yamakoglu Consruction Contracting and Foreign Trade Ltd. Co. that Nurettin Cengiz carries out the liedership of centered Rize started its activity such as food and cleaning products import-export business in 1993 in Turkish Republics. Then it goes on import and export along with abroad stores with the range of product over 20 thousand items in sectors such as consructions, electrical, heating ang cooling systems.

With store, offices, constuction sites and restaurants performs operations in countries such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq.

Rize centered compony exports food products, cleaning products, cosmetics, electrical and lightening products, heating ang cooling systems, tools and construction products to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and Iraq. Counties that Nurettin Cengiz has operations in are not comfortable places for business. Especially Afghanistan is an unusual example.

With Turkey's vicious political agenda, when bring to my mind enterpreneurs who are mentioned above and the others don't now mention names and stories of them, I think these enterpreneurs are doing really good business, improving imagination of Turkish person and reminding us that we are valuable and skilled people.

Zaman Newspaper
Melih Arat
25 May 2008, Sunday

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Yamakoglu In The Press
Yamakoglu In The Press “Brillant Turkish Enterprises has also mentioned on writer Melih Arat’s column in 2008 our company Yamakoglu.”
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