Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Our goal is, providing exactly supply safe food products needs and expectations of consumers, recommend the global brand and its way to becoming golbal brand products to our customers.

We believe in achieving this goal have identified as management and all employees, growing together with our producers, increasing profitability and productivity,adopting the mentality of total quality management.

We want to maintain our existence as Yamakoğlu, to act in according with laws and ethical rules, to produce with an approach that values the environment, to support protection and awareness of consumers, as a company that adopts the way of management that creates value for the society and the customers.

We are committed to continuously improved this target and in working systems activities and always working for "Customer Satisfaction".

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Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize
Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize “At the Rize Tax Award Ceremony, where attended Minister of Commerce and Custom Hayati Yazici, was also awarded Yamakoglu.”
Yamakoglu In The Press
Yamakoglu In The Press “Brillant Turkish Enterprises has also mentioned on writer Melih Arat’s column in 2008 our company Yamakoglu.”
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