Mission Vission

Mission Vission

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce,

  • Creating constantly new value for the customers, employees, partners and community,
  • Honest working accordance with the laws and work ethic,
  • Efficient use of resources,
  • Offering quality products, reliable and constantly developing,
  • Improving the skills in a good working atmosphere, encouraging of participation and team work,valuing employees,
  • Social responsibility and environmental awareness is high,
  • loping and developed with aiming cooperation with manufacturers, works.

Our Vision

As the lead supplier-exporter organization in food industry; adopting customer-focused management system, assimilated the mentality of total quality production, renewing technology, to be active in transportation to our customers of manufacturers which is containing variety of products, to provide continuity of our services with extensive export network "worldwide".

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Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize
Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize “At the Rize Tax Award Ceremony, where attended Minister of Commerce and Custom Hayati Yazici, was also awarded Yamakoglu.”
Yamakoglu In The Press
Yamakoglu In The Press “Brillant Turkish Enterprises has also mentioned on writer Melih Arat’s column in 2008 our company Yamakoglu.”
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