About Yamakoglu

Yamakoglu Construction Contracting and Foreign Trade Ltd. Coo. started its activities on area of food and cleaning products import-export in 1993 in Turkish Republics. And then it continues its import and export in sectors such as construction, electrical, heating and cooling system along with its abroad store and with product range more than 20.000 items.

Currently with the stores in counties like Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq it makes import-export and Transit Trade to over 20 countries.

About Yamakoglu

We export food, cleaning, cosmetic, electrical and lightening products, heating and cooling system, tools and construction products from Istanbul and Rize departman to Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and Iraq. Our international and inland, many different construction and engagement Works continue successfully. We constitute architecture of the future with our Project that is high quality, safe and maker of social peace. We introduce Turkish kitchen and Turkish food products in our abroad and inland catering and restaurants all over the world.

We commercialize Turkish food products, cosmetic and cleaning products from department of Izmir. And we export these products to West of the Turkey, European, Scandinavian Countries and the Continent of America.

In Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, England, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and American we have extensive export network.Using our ships and tractor trailer or transport companies we provide to receive our costumers their product on time and vigorously.

Our company works with many items and large quantities stocks. It reacts the orders quickly and it serves fast and quality to its customer. Our company's purpose is to be among the exporting companies that is the leader in its business line. Most of the actions of loading sold products, customs clearance and transportation are made with Yamakoğlu's personals and vehicles. In this way the costumers can save time and money.

Quality, proper price, service, finding all the products that looking for, abide by the selling terms, taking care and showing respect to costumer… All these elements are making the name of "Yamakoglu" symbol of trust in both inland and abroad.

The financial structure of Ltd. Co. Yamakoglu is hardly and fulfills its promise and contracting timely and absolutely.

Nurettin CENGIZ
Board President

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Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize
Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize “At the Rize Tax Award Ceremony, where attended Minister of Commerce and Custom Hayati Yazici, was also awarded Yamakoglu.”
Yamakoglu In The Press
Yamakoglu In The Press “Brillant Turkish Enterprises has also mentioned on writer Melih Arat’s column in 2008 our company Yamakoglu.”
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