We create architecture of the future with our high quaility, reliable and architecture of social peace projects.
We realized different construction projects in Batum, Rize, Izmir, Istanbul.

Related Projects

Batum Housing Project
Batum Housing Project “The building is in the center of Batumi, which is builded made and sell for, is total 110 flats and 13.000 m2. The building to have been sold in all was completed in 18 months.”
Rize Kalkandere Tranining Campus
Rize Kalkandere Tranining Campus “On 15 July 2010 were started complex construction which has 26.600m2 use and consists of four buildings.”
Housing Constructıon, Rize
Housing Constructıon, Rize “We have Housing Construction Project in Rize.”
Kalkandere Nurettin Cengiz Residence
Kalkandere Nurettin Cengiz Residence “The building that was built by our company in 2002, has got areas as 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 gymnasium and sauna. The construction project was even completed by our company as turn-key.”
Izmir Housing Construction
Izmir Housing Construction “Our Housing Project which we are performing in Izmir.”
Sancak Tepe İstanbul
Sancak Tepe İstanbul “In the building which is used for headquarters , distinctive architectural character and materials belongs to the Eastern Black Sea.”


Recent Projects

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Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize
Award to Yamakoglu Company from Revenue Office of Rize “At the Rize Tax Award Ceremony, where attended Minister of Commerce and Custom Hayati Yazici, was also awarded Yamakoglu.”
Yamakoglu In The Press
Yamakoglu In The Press “Brillant Turkish Enterprises has also mentioned on writer Melih Arat’s column in 2008 our company Yamakoglu.”
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